Genealogy for people who think differently

Project Views

An Ancestral View

You create this by selecting a person to be the Focal Person in the Context Diagram and then pressing the button labelled "Create Ancestral View for Focal Person". There are two places where this button appears and they both do exactly the same thing - they flag that person as the Root Person in an Ancestral Project View. From there on the the set of people who belong in the Ancestral View is re-calculated every time that iFamily redraws a screen. The two places where the "Create Ancestral View For Focal Person" appears are in the ProjectView Add/Edit dialog and at the bottom of the Preferences panel.

A Manually Populated Project View

You can create as many Manually Populated Project Views as you like using menu option Project Views Add/Edit. They are not automatically populated by the software, you must use Option+Click to add someone to the Project View and Option+Click to remove someone from the Project View. For this type of view iFamily does not care what you call it. If you call it "Jean's Ancestors" then so be it. You must populate it manually by using Option+Click.


The default colour for people in the Current Project View is Green.

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