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Generating HTML Web Files

iFamily for Mac can generate a full set of webpages showing your research ready for hosting online or emailing on a CD/DVD

The HTML output from our Demo database (Royal92.FtkSql) is shown on our website:

See Elizabeth WINDSOR

Use the following steps to generate your webpages:

1. Choose Web->Generate HTML... from the iFamily Menus

2. A sheet will appear with a preview of your pages. Use the controls to set the kinship value and image quality, set the Options to reflect the level of detail and the desired depersonalization settings

3. Select close on the sheet and you will be prompted to either save or discard the pages you have generated. Choose Save.

4. The webpages themselves will be placed in a new folder named after your database. They will be written to disk in your iFamilyData folder by default. The main file to take note of is index.html, it is the key to getting your site running and can be viewed in your default internet browser by opening it from Finder.

5. At this point, once you have had a quick poke around the files, you can use the menu option Web->Burn CD or DVD... to burn a copy to CD or DVD to post to your relatives.

6. In order to host your pages, you will need both somewhere to place them and something to place them on. A domain name, (or part thereof), and a webhost (With either FTP or mobileMe access).

7. Once you know where you are going to host the pages, you are ready to use the menu option Web->Prepare for upload to other site.... This will set your home page throuout your fileset and help connect the generated pages back to your website, (once uploaded).

You can set this to anything you deem appropriate, but generally homepages such as or are used, as on the above sample index page.

Tip: If you point to an address such as a root url or a directory therein, your browser will automatically look for an index.html file in the relevant directory.

8. Your files are now ready for upload, use either the Menu option Web->Upload To Mobile Me... or an FTP client to place your files on your remote host. It is generally easiest to place the whole generated folder in the root directory

9. You can give links to your newly uploaded database via email to your friends and relatives. For this example I would be sending You can create a more interesting homepage than our index.html by using a program such as iWeb, Frontpage, or even Pages. Simply call it index.html and place it in your root directory on your server, place a link in there to or simply ./royal_92.

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