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Data Storage and File Handling

All data used by iFamily is stored in the iFamilyData folder located in your home directory.
The following Files and Folders exist in the iFamilyData folder
  • *.FtkSql - These are your database files. You can copy these files to another Mac running iFamily to share your data. Further information is available here
  • *.GED - Your Gedcom exports from iFamily will be placed in the iFamilyData folder.

  • \Pictures\ -> All of your original pictures will be copied to this folder by default.
  • \Reports\ -> All reports generated by iFamily will be placed in the Reports folder for future reference
  • \Reports\xx_Webpages_n\ -> When a web export has completed, the resulting fileset is copied to the reports folder. The name of the folder for the example database would be /ROYAL92_Webapges_1/. Each time a new export is carried out the suffixed number will increment by 1.
  • \Backups\ -> iFamily will offer to make a backup of your database prior to executing a merge. (For safety sake). Should you find that the result was a mess, you can revert to using the backed up copy of your database, copy the FtkSql file back to the main iFamilyData folder and rename it to continue working on it.
  • \xx_Pictures\ -> (eg: \ROYAL92_Pictures\) - This folder is created by the second stage of any Gedcom export and will contain a copy of all of the original pictures referenced by the exported database. This can be zipped and should be transported with the Gedcom file so the Pictures can be reloaded upon import to another program.
Webpages export folder


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